Credit insurance

SOLUNION is the partner that will help you develop your business confidently and with the peace of mind that you are establishing the right business relationships, thanks to the best and most accurate information about your customers.

Risk Management

SOLUNION offers a business model based on the local presence and proximity to risk. Our Information Analysts visit our policyholders’ customers and obtain exclusive information to maximise coverage while minimising the risk of default.

98% of companies have late paying customers. Don’t endanger your company’s cash flow.

SOLUNION credit insurance offers you:

Risk management

Prevention through continuous monitoring of your customers’ financial situation: + 1,500 international analysts.

Debt collection

We manage all the steps for recovering unpaid debts with worldwide local services. Debt collection in +150 countries.


In cases of non-payment, we will compensate you based on the coverage level included in your policy.

Our risk management

Risk management

Our risk management offers you:

  • Risk prevention, surveillance and control, which is analysed in the country of origin by our more than 1,500 risk analysts at our offices around the world.

  • Integral management of your portfolio: our experts evaluate your customers’ likelihood of default with our rating system, the Grade.

Peace of mind

SOLUNION gives you peace of mind:

  • Through constant risk monitoring, our analysts provide the guidance you need for your company to grow safely, alerting you every time the risk level changes.

  • Our online management tool, EOLIS, gives you access to information about changes in the quality of your customers’ risk level, whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Not only do we confirm high risk situations, we also analyse market trends and anticipate possible risks.

Trusted partner

We offer advantages to help you to manage your business:

  • Proactive list. Online communication of improvements in the quality of customer risk.

  • Personalised services. A complete team of professionals at your service throughout the process.

  • We re-analyse customers at no additional cost and with no limitations.

  • Free extensions.

  • Temporary limits.

Our collections management

Late payments are recurrent and are almost inevitable in any business. They can have serious consequences for any company. Debt collection is usually complicated for companies, particularly when customers are based abroad.

Whether or not you are a SOLUNION customer, if your company has provided services but has not been paid, you can rely on us.

  • We are the leading debt collection company in the market, with more than 50 years helping companies like yours.

  • We provide debt collection services in more than 130 countries. The entire collection process, for both insured and non-insured debt, is managed entirely by an expert local team.

  • We offer a service with no set-up costs or maintenance fees. The price is based on success. We only charge if you recover the debt.

  • We are part of the world’s most extensive debt collection network.

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SOLUNION  is a joint venture of  mapre & euler

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